When I squint really hard, I can look back and remember what I was like at the age of five.  I made new friends.  I asked lots of questions.  I wanted to know how things worked, and I loved working for hours on projects using my imagination and artistic skills.  Some believe that creativity is only for children or those who are professional artists, but I dispute that.

This blog is one way I can live out loud – creatively and colorfully.  And I invite you to join me.  Remembering that pungent smell of glue from our kindergarten days helps to stir up creative juices in this ever-changing world.  That was a time when together we learned to carefully write the letters of our names while sharing the crayons out of the box.  Getting back to the resourceful roots of our childhood, I believe we tap into our creative side, uncover a fresh-faced kindness, and become boldly better.



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This site is about creating – creating connections, creating conversations, creating ideas, and maybe some fun and solutions along the way.  I invite you to add comments, start a discussion, and challenge our creativity.

The sky’s the limit!


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♥The photograph of me on this page was taken by my daughter, Mary Morgan Bond.♥