Many thanks to those of you who have been so kind and generous with your support of me and my new blog! All of your “likes” and messages (both public and private) are very much appreciated.

This endeavor started as a simple creative outlet for me, and I was unsure how it would be received. Putting your thoughts and images out in the world to be scrutinized can be scary. The discussions have been beneficial, and the messages have been incredibly encouraging. It has also been really cool to connect to people from all over the world. From my friends in the small town where I grew up to the UK, India and beyond, thank you.

Hoping to continue building a respectful forum to discuss important issues, I invite others to join in the dialog. You can follow my blog, make comments on Facebook, or make comments directly on my blog site. This blog is about creating – I believe the act of creating is essential to happy, healthy lives – and working to do that in a lovingly honest manner. So if you have not chimed in yet, do not hesitate in the future (even if you do not like what was said or agree), be bold…we do not bite! HA!

Again, thank you!



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