Here Comes 21

Soon we will be celebrating my baby girl turning 21 years old!


I could attempt to give her some bits of wisdom as she embarks on her journey through adulthood, but the truth is that she has taught me more with her love, insight, and inspiration than I could ever hope to impart on her. From the moment she was placed in my arms, her radiance and determination were illuminating. She continues to light up our lives, so I want to take this opportunity to embarrass her and share 21 facts she has taught me.

1. Smiles make a difference.
2. Sass makes it fun.
3. Being a girl is awesome!
4. A good argument is productive.
5. Music emanates from inside you.
6. Tunes help you remember things.
7. Being perfect is impossible (and trying is boring.)
8. Facial expressions are not easily controlled, but thankfully your tongue can be.
9. There are some really terrible things that will happen to you, and you will be able to handle it.

10. Sadness is an emotion that God gave us. He/She will always give you the space you need.
11. Be honest to someone’s face while never lying behind their back.
12. If someone doesn’t understand you, that is on them.
13. Creative expression is a necessity in a quality life.
14. Kindness is always good, but sweetness isn’t.

image15. You can do it with focus and determination.
16. Love is more than a verb or a noun.
17. Fight for what is right.
18. Courage is beauty.
19. Invest in quality.
20. Never give up.
21. Always celebrate! 🎉


The art featured was created by her and given to me as a gift.


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