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When you are trying to make the decision whether or not to have children, you attempt to consider everything including all of the responsibilities involved. You might read books, ask your friends who have children, or perhaps consult a physician, but the decision comes down to only you and your willingness to give the time and energy necessary to raise a decent human being. It is hard work! Don’t misunderstand me…being a parent is awesome! It is fun and rewarding, but parenting is not easy. Your mistakes affect them, and their heartache and pain affects you. You are a family.

For me the hardest part of being a parent so far has been the realization that you cannot protect your child from the coarse and offensive elements of society. They will face difficult and possibly horrific times in their lives. The sleepless nights were tough, the preteen attitude was terrible, but those challenges were pretty simple to overcome compared to letting them grow into our imperfect world.

Then you turn around and watch them handle this world with courage, grace, and incredible understanding. In spite of the many mistakes you make along the way, they flourish and become more than decent human beings. Though you still want to protect them, you understand that the person they have become is a product of all of their experiences, both good and bad.

Today, my talented daughter who is surrounded by a supportive group of gifted and loving friends, launched a YouTube channel called Our Discussion. In the first video she shares a raw personal story. I am very proud of her honesty and openness – we need more of this. It is important for people to not feel alone, and I am grateful she chose to speak out and help others.

If you have a moment, watch the video on Our Discussion at


The graphics and photographs used in this article are the property of Our Discussion.


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