That Friend

Honest. Trustworthy. Loyal.

You know “that friend” – the one who gets you.

And has for years.

No doubt that exercising and eating well are important for a long, healthy life. Reading, participating in different activities, and learning new skills will also keep you healthy. But that friend is the unsung hero for your overall health.

When you have genuine people in your life, you have invaluable gifts. Their words and actions are in alignment. Lovingly giving their authentic self, they are candid, but not cruel. They are bold and show up for you, even when it is tough for them.

These are warriors who fight for you. They are trustworthy and loyal. Constant. Faithful. Your advocate. They have your back and do not talk behind it.

This is the person in your life that sincerely wants what is best for you. Dependable and always there with respect. You do not always agree, but you honor the other’s opinions and appreciate the differences.

There is compassion. That friend knows they cannot change your circumstances because that usually creates chaos, but they are there for you with their humanity and grace. They are patient and work through life with you. You learn and are transformed together through the compassion and understanding.

They are the medicine when there is pain.

They are the cheerleaders when there is joy.

Your health includes your mental health. We all have good and bad issues that affect us, and we need to share. We need people whom we feel comfortable talking to about anything. Recently Lady Gaga joined Prince William discussing mental health as a part of the #OktoSay video series. The series is about opening up to others concerning difficult issues and how vital talking to someone is for healing. We need that friend.

From my childhood, from college, from work, and fellow parents…there are so many people who have come into my life and helped me. I am grateful. The sweet photograph I used in this article captures a fun day with dear friends from different aspects of my life. Since I was a young girl and in my college years, these people taught me about friendship.

Then there are those not in the picture; the one with the door always open and the glass of wine always waiting, the one with the quick calls for a needed lunch break and constant prayers, and the one who has been my biggest champion in the past few years. Honest, trustworthy, and loyal…grateful for that friend.


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