Summer 2017

This summer my children came home from college to work and live with me. Aware that this is the last time we will be living together, I have relished the summer of 2017. It has been awesome, but it is becoming harder as this season is nearing the end.

This is harder than dropping my children off at school on their first day of kindergarten.

When I took my son to school on that day, I kept it together until I got in the car. Then I shut the door, and my tears started flowing. I tried to hide my sniffles from my younger child strapped in her car seat. Driving away I did not see that speed limit sign in another school zone. But he saw me. My baby girl noticed the red and blue lights flashing, and she began crying too. When he came to my window, both of us were in tears, and from the back seat she begged him not to take me to jail. He just gave me a speeding ticket.

This is harder.

This summer has been awesome! All three of us have been training together with my son coaching us. So thankful we can laugh at our flaws…and I mean bending over in laughter at times! We have had good meals and long conversations. There have been moments when I just sat back watching these strong and caring people in my life, and a smile would creep across my face.


For the most part I hope I have taught them how to budget their time and money well. I hope I showed them the value of hard work and the joy of caring for others. I hope I was as encouraging as I could have been. I hope I listened intently. I hope I apologized for the times I was wrong. I hope I have been completely honest and have shown them the real me. I hope they know how truly proud I am of them. I hope they know how loved they are.



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